Maintaining Gains After a Dianabol Cycle

Weight Training for Bulking During a Dianabol Cycle
12 March 2015
27 May 2015

After a Dianabol Cycle

How effectively you maintain your gains ( muscle mass gains ) will depend on your condition before taking the product. This is true for Dianabol of course, but also for any steroid. The end of a cycle of  anabolic steroids  means losing muscle because the muscles contain fewer active androgen receptors and the body produces fewer anabolic compounds.

Many users continue to take smaller doses of steroids to prevent muscle loss. This is a mistake and potentially dangerous!


How do you  keep your earnings after your cycle?


1. Recouping testosterone is imperative.
2. Maintain a good diet.
3. Continue training!


Your  diet , your  recovery  and your  workouts  play a major role in retaining gains

Retaining mass gains after Dianabol

70% to 80% of gains acquired during your treatment can be retained. Part of your current volume is due to water retention (20% to 30%), which will disappear little by little after the end of your treatment and recovery. If you are unsatisfied with your retained gains, be sure to review your diet  (more calories) and / or your workouts at the end of the cycle. 


  • Prioritize acidifying foods (rich in amino acids) in your diet and increase your intake with dietary supplements.

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“Muscle loss is explained by the fact that the body is immersed in chronic acidosis”

To neutralize this acidosis, the body will collect  glutamine , one of the 20 amino acids that make up proteins. As the main reservoir of amino acids is in muscle mass, this is where the body will look for glutamine first. By reestablishing basic acidic balance, the absorption of potassium bicarbonate may be sufficient to prevent muscle loss. 

In a positive nitrogen balance, Dianabol stores more nitrogen in muscle cells than it excretes. It’s precisely this positive nitrogen balance that is synonymous with muscle growth , since at this stage the muscle cell assimilates more protein than usual. You must give your body enough protein during this stage.

Whether through  food  or  dietary supplements , it is very helpful to plan a diet that truly benefits your Dianabol treatment.


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  1. haven cogburn says:

    Hey i want to start my first dianabol cycle but i don’t know what brand the best is,or were to buy it

    • says:

      Hello Sir,

      The most important thing is not the best brand, but the website or shop where you will buy the product.

      Trusted sites sell quality products regardless of the brand, even lesser-known ones. If you come across less reliable sites, they may sell famous brands but fake ones.

      To avoid mishaps, I recommend visiting the “where to buy Dianabol” page on my website. You will find a list of the best sites to buy Dianabol there.

      Best regards,

  2. henry says:

    Hi i weigh 170 and im 5foot 7 inches And i am 13 i am wondering how much dbol i should take and how to keeps more than 60% of my gains thank you

    • says:

      Good morning sir,

      So that we can advise you in the best possible way and in complete safety, it will be best to fill out the free coaching request form. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

      The form is available at this link:
      Best regards

    • Austin says:

      You’re 13. Do not take anything. When you go through puberty you’re basically getting free hormonal steroids raging in your body. Eat ALOT of food and train hard. Atleast wait till 18 man.

  3. Gmonth says:

    I would like to do my first cycle, I would start with dianabol both for the excellent results in terms of mass and because it is oral. But my biggest fear is to lose all earnings in a short time, how can I keep my earnings and make them mine forever?

    Rating: 5
    • says:

      Hello Gmonth,

      To keep what you have gained during treatment, you must continue to practice sport and maintain a healthy diet. But for a suitable cycle advice, I advise you to contact our coach with the link below, it’s free:

  4. Richard Connaughton says:

    Hi there, on my first dbol cycle, ive been training for nearly 10 years, consider myself to be in better shape than most and relatively strong. Im carrying some puppy fat round my stomach, nothing major. Im on my third week of dbol, now on 30mg a day. Im taking other supps to combat any negative effects such as milk thistle, anti estrogen etc. My main concern is when coming off dbol that my gains disappear. I train hard (5 x a week), diet is pretty good too, cheat meal at weekends. Ideally I’d like your advice on what to do after the 6 week cycle im on please

    • says:

      Contact us by email

      • Buck De says:

        1st cycle, dbol. Should I take anything other than dbol while on dbol for the 1st 4 – 6 weeks?

        Rating: 3
        • says:

          Hello Buck,

          If this is your first cycle, I invite you to fill out the form in this link: , we offer you free advice. I think it will interest you and meet your expectations.

      • Robert says:

        Ciao vorrei consigli su primo ciclo di Dianabol e pct mantenimento Grazie

        • says:

          Buongiono signore,

          Per poterti consigliare al meglio, è preferibile compilare il form:

          Ti realizzerò quindi un ciclo su misura che corrisponda al tuo corpo e ai tuoi obiettivi,

      • Mandla says:

        Hi I want to keep my gains after Dianabol cycle, what must I do?

        • says:


          Muscles gained through Dianabol are no different from muscles gained through natural training. That being said, if you don’t know how to put on muscle in the first place, you will likely lose everything you gain with a cycle.

          To keep the gains, you just need to train properly and follow a good diet.

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