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31 July 2018
Before and after and comments on the cycle of steroids with Dianabol: Karim 31 years – Barcelona
30 November 2018

Dianabol’s history

Dianabol turned 60 this year 2018. No other steroid arouses more nostalgia in the bodybuilding community. For decades, it has been the pillar of both novice and experienced users. After six decades of existence, Dianabol is still the most widely used steroid, which allowed it to earn the “the breakfast of the champions” nickname.

Dianabol (sometimes abbreviated as D-Bol/Dbol), was actually a trademark of the steroidal compound Methandrostenolone by the Swiss chemical and pharmaceutical company Ciba. Although production was stopped for many years, the brand still has a good name and is also the very first one to come to anyone’s mind when thinking about steroids. Nowadays, many “underground laboratories” do manufacture this steroid.

With the Internet, steroid users can have more and more knowledge of the product, despite the fact that market is constantly evolving and new references arise. Dianabol is still popular, not only because of it’s fair price and available widespread, but also because its results are impressive, both in terms of mass gain and strength. In only three words: a safe bet!

Get its quality checked

Dianabol can come from clandestine laboratories. Needless to say it is preferable to play Russian roulette than consuming these types of products. In 2018, the offer in the market makes it possible to no longer buy products from these pseudo-laboratories, since legal brands produce them and sell them at very good prices.

Therefore, it is essential purchasing your product from reputable sources that get provided by well-known laboratories with an unblemished reputation.

Nowadays the pharmaceutical Dianabol is obtained at prices around 17.90 euros, so it would be crazy to buy underground products. ” Arnaud Sylvain.

Here are some details of the manufacture process:

  1. Each pill must contain the correct amount of raw material. Be careful with low-dose pills. Only a fully automated production line makes this possible. In fact, only a legal laboratory can confirm this information.
  2. Laboratory tests on raw materials and finished products must be available by the laboratory. Brands can also provide tests from other external laboratories. Users can even review the products by themselves if they so wish. An independent site like anaboliclab.com is a reference.
  3. Elements of protection against counterfeiting are important, including verification codes, which can be verified on the site of the brand. You can tell if your product is authentic or not.


Test of main laboratories

PRIME PRIME Pharma’s Dianabol quality tests guarantee its purity, efficacy and safety, providing consumers with transparent assurance.
DEUS MEDICAL DEUS MEDICAL’s testing ensures optimum purity and safety for their Dianabol, offering absolute peace of mind.
HILMA HILMA tests guarantee the effectiveness and purity of Dianabol, offering total confidence to their users.
PRIUS PRIUS tests confirm the quality and safety of Dianabol, offering complete assurance to those who use it.



Dianabol remains the preferred product, even for the most experienced users, who, as is well known, use it frequently for its remarkable ability to get muscles developed and especially in 60 years of existence, science has progressed and products such as Nolvadex, Clomid or Anastrozole have allowed to counteract the side effects.

Dianabol, if taken orally, is perfect for beginner, intermediate or advanced users. Choosing Dianabol for a cycle means guaranteed results at a lower cost with controlled side effects.

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