The Stars’ Secret Bulking Program

10 May 2016
Everything you need to know about Dianabol 10mg
17 May 2016

Celebrities gain mass thanks to Dianabol. 

The expression before and after often comes up when talking with someone who has finished a cycle of Dianabol. There are many testimonials in which people share photos of themselves to best demonstrate the changes in their body. It’s often a matter of fat loss and muscle gain. You’ll also see puny people who have had phenomenal gains in terms of muscle mass


Of course one of the first stars that comes to mind when you think of Dianabol is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is still considered today as the uncontested master of bodybuilding. When he speaks of his experience regarding training and steroid intake, he begins by talking about nutrition. According to him, it is more important to know how to feed yourself, especially proteins and good fats. He always carried shakers of protein powders with him and only took it when he was hungry. For fitness, he tends to prefer squats for building good muscle mass. Alternatively, as Dianabol was one of the first anabolic steroids that he took in his career, he emphasizes how being aware of the concentration is important for building muscle mass.

If we simply want to list several professional bodybuilders, we can include Dorian Yates, Tom Platz, Bertil Fox, Lou Ferrigno, Samir Bannout, Dennis James, Nasser El Sonbatty, Kevin Levrone and Flex Wheeler, among others. They all began with Dianabol to build substantial muscle mass. They have all also succeeded in developing ideal bodies thanks to this steroid. 

A Dianabol weight gain program

Take professional bodybuilder Branch Warren for example. One of his favorite cycles of anabolic steroid intake lasts ten weeks, beginning with 100 mg of Dianabol daily in addition to Sustanon, Oktarine, Cardarine and Trenbolone in varying dosages. All these elements are necessary for building a strong body and large muscle mass. 

programme prise de masse Dianabol


Obviously, this is a professional bodybuilder aiming to win competitions. Many Hollywood stars like Dwayne Johnson use steroids like Dianabol to build large and impressive muscle mass.

Dianabol has a half-life of 3 to 5 hours. To maintain a high blood level, many celebrities divide the dose into three intakes daily. It is also advised to take it in the middle of a cycle when progression no longer occurs. Dianabol has the characteristic of giving a boost and encouraging strength and mass buildup. It is recommended for everyone who wants fast gains in muscle mass, and it is considered one of the best steroids in this respect.



Dianabol has a record of several years of success with renowned body builders and stars who have used it for “action” films. It’s a steroid that remains appreciated for spurring spectacular gains in muscle mass and generously augmenting biceps and thighs. Thanks to celebrities, it has also become a recommendation for people who want to build beautiful musculature. It is considered unparalleled by many users. Learn how to gain mass with Dianabol

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