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25 February 2021
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30 April 2021

Many male and female bodybuilders use androgenic-anabolic steroids (AAS) without a full understanding of the possible dangers that these drugs may pose to their health. One of the more popular oral AAS used by athletes because of its convenience and ease of use is Dianabol steroid.

Today you can get genuine Dianabol pills for sale from top online AAS stores. This drug offers users a number of bodybuilder gains, such as the anabolic effects of:

  • enhancing muscle mass by promoting increased protein synthesis in muscle tissue,
  • increased energy and muscle tissue strength,
  • boosting red blood cell production in the body which improves both endurance and stamina, and
  • encouraging quicker recovery time from muscle damage.

Online sites that offer real Dianabol steroids for sale like Upsteroide are in hot demand by bodybuilders because of the enormous performance-enhancing benefits that they can get from Dianabol anabolic steroid.

However, Dianabol has both androgenic and estrogenic side effects that users need to be aware of and avoid as much as possible. This post highlights four of those disturbing side effects.

But first, here’s a brief description of the androgenic-anabolic steroid fondly referred to as D-bol in the bodybuilding community.




I. What you need to Know about Dianabol Anabolic Steroid

The first thing you should know about D-bol is that Dianabol is a brand name for the AAS known as metandienone. This drug was first developed by a German pharmaceutical company called CIBA back in 1955. Metandienone would then be subsequently marketed in both Germany and the U.S under the brand name of Dianabol.

It did not take long for both amateur and professional athletes to rely on Dianabol for their performance-enhancing needs. Authentic Dianabol pills for sale would be very popular amongst athletes looking to use steroids to improve their physique and athletic abilities without having to use hypodermic needles to achieve this.

While metandienone is a drug that is prohibited for non-medical/prescription use particularly in the UK and U.S, you can still purchase dianabol steroids for sale from a number of sources. This AAS is actively produced in many different countries around the world because of the high demand for its use.  

Dianabol pills for sale are available on many sites, most of whom are blackmarket traders. The problem with buying D-bol from these online sites is that the dealers are not held accountable for the quality of their products.

Oftentimes adulterated dianabol supplements are sold by these blackmarket traders who are more interested in making quick money than in your overall health. These blackmarket dianabol steroid drugs are usually not produced under strict safety and quality control standards. The bottom line is often the only motivation for these manufacturers and dealers.

By purchasing Dianabol pills for sale from unscrupulous pharmaceutical companies and dealers, you increase your risk of being susceptible to a myriad of side effects which are exacerbated due to the impurities in the drug. Chief amongst these side effects is the possibility of liver damage.


II. Liver Damage Caused by Highly Hepatotoxic Dianabol Supplements

When a drug enters the body, it is identified as a xenobiotics, that is a substance that is foreign to the body. The drug is then subjected to a number of chemical processes including metabolism. Metabolism occurs to break down the drug and make it ready for evacuation.

The liver through its smooth endoplasmic reticulum plays a major role in metabolising exogenous chemicals such as steroids. However, the liver becomes prone to injury caused by the foreign substance during the process of metabolism. Dianabol has a moderate level of hepatotoxicity which means that it can act as a causative agent in liver related disease, liver damage and/or liver failure. 

This is especially true if you purchase adulterated Dianabol pills for sale or abuse the drug by running a lengthy, continuous cycle without a break or plan for post-cycle therapy. Also, using D-bol without making provisions for liver supplements or protective medication like TUDCA or SamaGen (Samarin140) can be detrimental to the health of your liver.

This site offers you liver protection medication – SamaGen (Samarin) 140 mg/tab – 50 tabs by Myogen which can be used along with your chosen oral D-bol steroid drug like the Dianabol 10 mg – 100tabs by BioTeq Labs.

Buying blackmarket D-bol can leave you more susceptible to drug-induced – hepatitis, hepatic granuloma, hepatic fibrosis, hepatic necrosis, and cirrhosis liver failure. So be careful where you buy your D-bol from. Always buy from reputable pharmaceutical companies and online sites.



III. Unwanted Hair Growth Caused by D-bol

One of the androgen side effects of D-bol is an increase in the growth of both facial and body hair. In female users, increased hair growth is known as masculinization or virilization.

When the androgen hormones in your body is at a high level, then you are likely to display symptoms of virilization. While it is rare for virilization to occur in female D-bol users running their first D-bol cycle, it is still a possibility.

Misusing Dianabol can increase a person’s likelihood of having increased hair growth. Also, running successive Dianabol cycles without practicing post-cycle therapy (PCT) will make you vulnerable to this side effect amongst others. 

PCT helps to regulate your natural hormonal level and using anti-androgen and anti-estrogen drugs like Clomid, Proviron and/or Nolvadex during PCT will go a long way in helping to restore hormonal balance.


IV. Oily Skin and Acne

Another side effect that you should be wary of when you purchase Dianabol pills for sale, is the emergence of oily skin. Oily skin occurs when your sebaceous glands are working overtime. These sebaceous glands generate sebum which is a sort of natural lubricant that helps to moisturise your skin and stop it from being dry.

However, when the sebaceous glands generate more sebum than normal, it will leave you with oily skin. Oily skin is characterised by pimples, blemishes, and an excessive shine. While oily skin has its benefits, for example, it can help reduce wrinkles and slow down the ageing process, it can also cause your pores to be clogged which leads to the formation of blackheads.

Dianabol use can cause an excessive production of sebum by the sebaceous glands in some users causing them to have oily skin. It is always important to maintain a short D-bol cycle and administer recommended safe dosages.

When your skin pores are clogged by dead skin cells and excess sebum, it increases your risk of not only having blackheads, but also whiteheads, acne, and pimples.

Acne is an androgenic side effect of Dianabol. D-bol increases the production of sebum by the sebaceous glands of the skin and when the sebum clogs the pores or the skin pores are clogged up by dead skin cells, then the resulting effect is acne.



V. Recommended Safe D-bol Cycle

Typically, the authentic Dianabol pills for sale that you buy should be used in accordance to several factors including your level of tolerance, age, gender, and body weight. Your physician or trainer should be able to recommend a D-bol cycle that is best suited to your bodybuilding requirements.

Nevertheless, beginners can run a two week cycle using 15 mg of D-bol per day. Intermediate level bodybuilders can take 25 mg of D-bol daily for two weeks while advanced level bodybuilders can use between 30 and 50 mg of D-bol daily for a four to six week cycle.



VI. Conclusion

As a bodybuilder, Dianabol steroid offers you very strong anabolic effects. You can improve your athletic performance with increased muscle mass, stronger bones, enhanced energy, stamina, and endurance levels. D-bol will also improve healing time from damaged muscle tissues.

While the genuine Dianabol pills for sale that you purchase from reputable sites  are produced by renowned pharmaceutical companies under strict production quality control and safety, the onus of use still lies with you.

Dianabol has estrogenic and androgenic side effects, but the severity of these side effects would ultimately depend on your duration and frequency of use, and dosage.

A short D-bol cycle is advisable and this should be followed up with PCT to ensure that your hormones are regulated after a cycle and before the start of a second cycle.

The side effects of liver damage, increased facial and/or body hair growth, oily skin and acne are all preventable. With liver supplements or liver protective medication you can help protect your liver from drug-induced damage while running a safe, short cycle and having a PCT plan will protect you from oily skin/acne and hirsutism concerns.


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