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27 May 2015
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5 June 2015

As with most anabolic steroids, if Dianabol is used in excess or the recommended dose is not respected, it can trigger some harmful side effects.

All sports supplements must be taken having a good knowledge of the product and with the necessary protections during cycle.



Possible risks of Dianabol:

Despite its numerous benefits for physical performance, Dianabol has no less potential side effects if taken in excess and with no protection.

Risks associated with an uncontrolled intake of Dianabol are the following:

  • Liver toxicity: taken orally, Dianabol will have a direct impact on your liver. In high doses and prolonged use, it can even cause serious liver damage. To get your liver protected during your oral treatment with Dianabol, it is important to take a protection, such as SamaGen, that promotes cell renewal and healing of damaged cells.
  • HPTA axis imbalance: during Dianabol’s cycle, your body will stop the production of natural testosterone to limit the excess of the hormone. This elimination will result in a complete interruption of HPTA axis functioning. Remember that the HPTA axis plays a vital role in the male reproductive process. In fact, it will allow the secretion of two reproductive hormones:

                – The LH (luteinizing) hormone that produces the sex hormone, testosterone.
                – FSH (follicle stimulant) hormone that stimulates production of sperm

At the end of the cycle of Dianabol, your body will end up with a deficiency of testosterone, since its natural production will have stopped during the cycle and the synthetic hormone will get dissipated. The interruption of the functioning of the axis of the HPTA can cause, at that moment, testicular atrophy and a state of sterility. To avoid such drawbacks, it is essential to stimulate the functioning of the HPTA axis. This stimulus will go through post-cycle therapy (PCT)

  • Strong androgenic impact : Due to its strong androgenic strength, Dianabol is not recommended for women in order to avoid risks of virilisation, such as the appearance of excessive hair, a deeper voice, as well as skin problems. These virilising effects can occur even in women who ingest very small doses. Therefore, it is strongly recommended not to take this steroid.

An overdose of the product can also lead to of hypertension problems and / or heart rhythm disorders .



Summary of  side effects  and  protections

GynecomastiaNolvaGen (Nolvadex), ArimiGen (Arimidex), Aromasin
Testicular atrophyHCG Vitagon, ProviGen (Proviron)
SterilityHCG Vitagon, ProviGen (Proviron), ClomiGen
Testosterone productionClomiGen (Clomid), HCG Vitagon
Liver degradationLegalon 70, SamaGen (Samarin), Liv52, Desmodium


How to protect yourself during a cycle of Dianabol:

To take full advantage of the benefits of Dianabol, without having to worry about potential side effects , it is better to accompany your cycle with the use of protections.


  • For your liver’s protection : to prevent liver damage during treatment with oral steroids (cycles using injections that do not degrade the liver), it is advisable to use Legalon 70 or SamaGen during your treatment. They are similar products, but with a different dosage.


  • Block aromatization : the best and most effective protection against aromatics nowadays is AnaGen (Arimidex). In fact, AnaGen is a powerful antioestrogen belonging to the family of aromatase inhibitors. Therefore, it will act directly on the production of estrogen by blocking the aromataze enzyme. It is recommended to take 1mg every two dayss.


  • To limit the estrogenic effects. It is also possible to reduce the risk of estrogen by taking NolvaGen with ProviGen.
         – ProviGen is a compound of mesterolone. It is a very powerful antioestrogen that prevents the aromatization of steroids in oestrogen. It also helps fight effectively against infertility.
         – NolvaGen is a compound of tamoxifen citrate. It will limit the amount of estrogen in the body by acting on the estrogen receptors. NolvaGen will then prevent gynecomastia and significantly decrease water retention.
  • ProviGen and NolvaGen are always taken together to act effectively . However, Anagen is still the most effective solution to avoid problems with aromatization. This is the next generation of antioestrogens .
  • To stop the development of gynecomastia: in case of gynecomastia , Tamoxifen is used in 80 or 90% of cases. It is called SERM treatment (selective estrogen receptor modulators).


  • To get the natural production of testosterone reactivated and the HPTA axis rebalanced: to recover your natural hormonal balance and preserve the benefits acquired during healing, it is essential to perform a post-cycle therapy (PCT) after your treatment with Dianabol. This cycle is achieved once the androgenic effects of the steroid have completely disappeared. For normal cycles, ClomiGen combined with NolvaGen is taken during 21 days in daily doses of 50 mg of ClomiGen and 20 mg of NolvaGen. For long cycles, the PCT can be performed with HCG. HCG injections during recovery or even during treatment (from the 3rd week on) can prevent or correct a problem of testicular atrophy . HCG is the acronym forHuman Chorionic Gonadotrophin . It is used to get the production of testosterone reactivated.

We remind you that steroids can be dangerous if they are taken irresponsibly.

The success of your Dianabol treatment depends on the respect of the recommended dose, accompanied, of course, by the adequate protections and a serious post-cycle therapy.



A small trick

You can also use vitamin C as a supplement to lower the level of cortisol, and vitamin E to improve the effect of HCG (if it is taken as a basis for a relaunch).



If you use all these protections ( NolvaGen , ProviGen o anagen , Legalon 70 or SamaGen , ClomiGen or HCG ) you will have absolutely nothing to fear in terms of side effects, of course, and here we go again: respecting the recommended doses .

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