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10 December 2018
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11 December 2018

Today, we’re testing a site that is becoming increasingly popular among users:

Therefore, beyond its name (body-building) that leaves no doubt, what does the site offer to delight steroid consumers?

We carried out our own research pretending to be a passionate bodybuilding client who wants to develop their muscle mass.


A selective choice of the best brands

When browsing the catalog, we found out that the site has chosen to work with several  different brands of steroids. The user has, therefore, a very large catalog. But the thing that surprised us most is the choice of these 10 brands. Often, the sites market one or two high-end brands, then a popular brand and one or two brands of the most basic ones. has made the decision to market only high-end brands. This way, the buyer will come across, in his catalog, with the best in terms of quality and efficiency nowadays.

  • MyoGen (the best one, most transparent and bold brand)
  • Mactropin
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • A-Tech Labs
  • Dragon Pharma
  • Ultima Pharma
  • Euro-Pharmacies
  • Hilma-Deus
  • Beligas Pharmaceuticals
  • Bioteq Labs


Authentic products

The site proves to be fully transparent by directly publishing the product authentication links of the brands’ sites.

This logic transmits confidence to the future client right away.


Our shopping experience

Order placement:

We wanted to test the famous Myogen brand.

We liked the ergonomics of the site and, especially, the cart that pops-up when a product is selected.

Once we have chosen all the products we want to buy, the site sends us the delivery form so we can fill it with our data.

To make the client feel even more confident, the form emphasizes discretion.

We also subscribed the insurance that covers seizure, loss or breakage for only 5% of the amount of the purchase.

And finally, we choosed our payment method:


The site offers -15% on the spot for payment through Bitcoin. Why depriving ourselves?

To place the order took us only 5 minutes.


The site informs a delivery time of between 5 and 15 days for Europe. In our case, our package reached us 10 days after placing our order. Timeframes are quite reasonable, unlike some sites that promise a speedy delivery, but then you end up waiting four your package 1 or 2 months.

What we liked, above all things, during the time it took to get our order delivered is the customer service.

Despite we never contacted the customer service, we have been informed of the progress of our purchase, stage by stage. Therefore, we were updated about the progress of our purchase on a daily basis: payment’s validation, order’s preparation, shipment and order’s number for tracking and the link to track our package on its way to us.

No surprises or reasons to worry about with this site. Trust and transparency are top priority throughout the entire purchase process.

No missing products. In fact, they were packed with extreme care. ‘s main asset

By browsing the site and now that we have our own shopping experience, we perfectly understand why consumers love this site so much:

  • A catalog that gathers the most prestigious brands
  • Super speedy delivery
  • We have been constantly updated about the progress of our order
  • Very good prices

On the other hand, the site uses 11 warehouses to optimize logistics.  

It should be noted that two of these warehouses are based in the United States. An incredible opportunity for the continent to enjoy the best brands of steroids at low prices.

Need more ? 

Rating: 4


  1. Sufu says:

    Discretion ! Thank you to all the team for this professionalism!

  2. Yakuzza says:

    Order shipped in rather descent time from domestic. It arrived on time communication was ok. Product code checked out fine and will order again from from them

    Rating: 5
  3. hic-up says:

    One of the best sources of communication on the site. Well known and has been around for a while. Always fast with answers

  4. Hide says:

    Personally, I always advise to order via serious sites for this kind of product, of course, there are risks in terms of delivery, but it’s worth the wait

  5. jason turner says:

    This website scams people out of their money. Just remember to take screenshots of your order, keep any receipts, or any proof that you ordered any products from this site. I posted two reviews on Trust pilot about this site, and both were removed due to BBA “requesting more details” about my experience. So I answered the emails asking for details, the details these DA’s wanted was my personal phone number, email address. No details except those were requested!

  6. Dereck says:

    Absolutely love Mega, had no problem with payment nor shipping. Very good packaging, nothing is damaged.
    I’ll be back, thanks Mega!

  7. Scripthook says:

    Doing business was easy. Good communication, fast delivery, seems like a good dudes which matters to me. These guys did me right and I am confident they will do you right. I will have no reservations about doing business with them again.

    Rating: 4
  8. cosmic8 says:

    If you are looking for a source that has everything you need, from products to cycle advice, look no further because you are in the right place, they will accompany you in each process …

  9. Randy says:

    Don’t be afraid that it will be too good to be true, because you are in good hands, I have experienced it.

  10. Tommy G says:

    Great experience. They kept me informed during each phase of the process. Also , answered my dumb & paranoid questions.

  11. Ben says:

    This is a really reliable source with very high quality products and good service. Atech-Labs from Body-building-Anabolics is a good choice for a cycle. Thanks guys, it was cool.

  12. Neny says:

    First off, I am sorry if I come across as quite a bother. But I must commend your customer service team for a job well done. They were polite, professional, and prompt in their response to my emails. My Dbol package arrived at my home in a discreet, well packed parcel. I thank you for the quick delivery, great support, and genuine products.

    Rating: 4
  13. JuddLow says:

    I have made several orders with Body BUilding ws and never had an issue. Packages arrive discreetly and in a timely manner. Usually no longer than a week once payment is received.

    Rating: 4
  14. Perfct1 says:

    I have never used an anabolic before, even when I saw friends in the gym physically transforming at great speed. there, I started, I hope to be more resistant to training while inflating my muscles …

  15. spacefree says:

    order placed shortly before the start of the COVID 19 epidemic, I thought that the delivery was going to drag a lot because even the local post office closed. there they just delivered me a week late … beautiful

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