Before and after and comments on the cycle of steroids with Dianabol: Karim 31 years – Barcelona

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28 November 2018
Before and after and feedback on the cycle of steroids with Dianabol: Thomas – Liege
30 November 2018

“Before: 92 kg

After: 71 kg»

If I’m publishing this article today, it is not to show off or even an “ego trip”.

On the contrary, you will see that results in my body after 90 days are not spectacular only thanks to the efforts that I have made, but also and last but no least, thanks to Dianabol.

The message I want to deliver about my experience with Dianabol  is to show you how to perform exercises in the gym several times a week, take a drastic diet, lose fat and maintain muscle mass is IMPOSSIBLE without anabolic products.

So I decied to use doping products. Yes, I accept it, but using protections to avoid any side effect.

What I’m trying to say is that with Dianabol  I managed to explode without feeling restricted to succeed in my goal of gaining mass.

If, like me, your goal is to change your morphotype or simply to have a more muscular, more stretched, more athletic body, you do not need to radically change your life or get frustrated every day. Dianabol is an excellent solution.

What I did during those 90 days following the advice of Arnaud can be done by anyone!


I leave to you the task of judging the photos of my transformation. I wanted to tell you that if you want more photos of my mass gain, if you have any questions, let me know in the comments, as I regularly go to get the latest news from this blog.

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