Steroids: side effects and renal system

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30 November 2017
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25 July 2018

Consumption of certain products or medications can cause dysfunctions in the renal system. This can be explained by the high toxicity inherent in the substances contained in these products and escapes the natural excretion process generated by the kidneys.

Contrary to what many people believe, most anabolic steroids or androgenic-anabolic steroids are not harmful to renal system . They can even be safely used in treatments to cope with complications related to kidney diseases such as hypogonadism in dialysis patients, the decrease in the rate of red blood cells in anaemic patients and the overall weight loss. Keep in mind that such treatments require special attention.

On the other hand, healthy people can also take anabolic steroids to improve their performance or fitness without having consequences in their renal system as long as they respect the rules of use.

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