Arnold Schwarzenegger: the incomparable mr. Dianabol of all times

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30 May 2017
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Renowned bodybuilder, great actor adored, rigorous businessman and influential politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger seems to have fulfilled all the plans to lead a successful life. In addition, he keeps working actively for bodybuilding maintaining the bodybuilding lifestyle. A real incarnation of a muscular life and uninhibited Dianabol.

With many cinema trophies under his belt, Arnold Schwarzenegger also shined on the stage of bodybuilding, an activity in which he was named Mr Universe and Mr Olympia. Arnold is also known to have popularised the use of Dianabol, to which he owes much of his physique.


An early comer in the bodybuilding

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in the village of Thal, Austria, on July 30, 1947.  Poverty, a difficult childhood and a very precarious state of health motivated Arnold to look towards new horizons.

Inspired by great athletes such as Olympic swimming champion Johnny Weissmuller, he started by becoming one of the best athletes in swimming, boxing, javelin and football. Football was, of course, the stepping stone to bodybuilding. To gain strength, he regularly attended a gym in his native region, where he did not take too long to stand out and did his best to succeed. He was only 14 years old.

Arnold has a great asset: his body reacts quickly to bodybuilding exercises. He eventually gave the best of him to succeed in the gymnasium of the great bodybuilder Kurt Marnul, under the watchful eye of Franco Columbu and with his great friend Albert Busek. At age 21, in Miami, he finally meets his mentor who will change his life and career as a bodybuilder forever: Joe Weider.

In addition to his career in bodybuilding, he develops an actor career in parallel, as well as a career in the business world – especially in the real estate sector.

An inspiring workout to the impressive muscles.

In his early days, since he did not have the means to attend good gyms and to equip himself with quality materials, Arnold creates an impromptu gym in the basement of his house. At that time, he used to spend long hours training to the point of making his father angry, who wanted to restrict his son’s training. But Arnold persevered.

Nowadays, his workouts have become a source of inspiration for many bodybuilders. Arnold is not afraid to go off the beaten track and create his own exercises. We know well the one developed by Arnold or even the Donkey at the origin of the incredible development of his calves.

Arnold’s training is often based on out-of-date exercises, consisting of front squats, side elevations on a sloping bench, curved on the desk with inverted handles, push-ups on the bar as tractions on the neck.

When developing his muscles, he aims deepen his knowledge about food and to always be the first to know what’s new. That’s why he started using Dianabol.

He strictly controls his calorie intake per day and foods included in his diet. This way, he avoids food products  abundant in sugar and gets abstained of desserts. Its nutrition consists mainly of lean proteins that include chicken, fish, meat, eggs (yolk included) and also dairy products. He also takes vitamins and recognises that he also uses steroids, especially Dianabol. Arnold prefers to have meals after training to promote the recovery phase. He serves his meals in a shaker.

Measures that deserve respect

Without knowing his personal measures in detail, Arnold’s appearance is enough for the regulars to respect him.

However, as a reference in the field, here are the details of its measures in question:

  • Height: 1.88m
  • Weight in competition: 113kg
  • Weight out of season: approximately: 118kg
  • Waist: 85cm
  • Biceps: 55.8cm
  • Chest: 146cm
  • Pectorals: 144.8cm
  • Thighs: 74cm
  • Calves: 52cm

Trophies out of the ordinary in honour of their musculature

Bodybuilding was the cornerstone of success for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not only did he win several trophies, but this was also the stepping stone to movies and politics.

Long before he became the Republican of California, he was the democrat of Dianabol. Arnaud.S

A brief summary of his victories:

  • In 1963, he reached the second place in the Steirer Hof Competition in Graz, Austria.
  • In 1965, he won his first competition in Stuttgart, winning the title of Mr. Europe junior.
  • 1966 is the year of all the victories, becoming the best athlete trained in Europe, his first trophy of Mr. Europe in Germany and his first and second trophies of Mr. Universe in London – NABBA.
  • In 1967, he wins his 3rd trophy of Mr. Universe in London-NABBA.
  • In 1968, he wins his 4th trophy of Mr. Universe in London – NABBA and His 5th trophy of Mr. Universe in Miami, Florida – IFBB and for the first time the trophy of Mr. International in Tijuana, Mexico – IFBB.
  • In 1969, he won his second trophy of Mr. Europe in New York- IFBB, his 6th trophy in Mr. Universe in New York.– IFBB and its seventh trophy of Mr. Universe in London – NABBA and ranks second in the contest, winning the Mr. Olympia in New York – IFBB.
  • In 1970 he won the trophy of AAU Pro World, his 8th trophy of Mr. Universe in London – NABBA and His 2nd trophy of Mr. Olympia in New York – IFBB.
  • From 1971 to 1980: retains its trophy of Mr. Olympia successively in Paris, Essen, twice in New York, Pretoria and finally Sydney – IFBB.

For his determination and optimism, Arnold has become a true legend of a muscular life, but always on top of success.

The results of the bodybuilding legend are known all over the world nowadays. Although it was difficult to obtain it before, Dianabol , nowadays, can be obtained in trustworthy and reputable e-commerce sites , which explains why simple amateur athletes show the physique of anyone’s dreams.

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