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18 January 2017
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3 August 2017

While steroids are still banned in some countries, their use is becoming more and more popular. It is becoming easier and easier to buy a sports supplement over the Internet and have it delivered directly to your home, with total discretion, and practically anywhere on the planet.

Scientists, for their part, continue with their incessant research to provide us with more comfort and security. The new generation of products is based rather on peptides and growth hormones. These supplements allow us to counteract the effects of aging on our skin and in our body. They allow us to awaken our libido when we tend to act slowly.   They allow us to reveal our muscles and, therefore, to be able to affirm our virility. They even take us by the hand to overcome our own limits.

However, despite this increase in the use of sports supplements, we should not fall into the trap of potential scams.

The last thing that was launched is the Probolan 50.

What is the Probolan 50?

To the simple question “What is the Probolan 50? “It is difficult to provide a clear answer, given that this new product is prey to misinformation.

Is it a steroid? A peptide? A nutritional supplement? A stimulant? Probolan 50 is a true enigma. And it is, basically, a great mystery!

Probolan 50 would be the completely new magic potion for you to gain an impressive muscle mass. According to the manufacturer’s website, Probolan 50 “would” have the ability to turn fat into muscle. Only 48 hours will be enough to see the very first results. Cycles can last up to three months.

The manufacturer’s website brags about an increase of not less than 400% of testosterone. Stunning! But is this really possible? Not even steroids that represent the strongest sports supplements can reach those testosterone levels! So how is it possible that science has not achieved such a feat?

Analysis of the composition of Probolan 50

Unfortunately, it is not by looking at the composition of Probolan 50 that science will understand its failure, since here, again, disinformation prevails. It is said that the composition of Coca-Cola must remain secret to guarantee its authenticity and avoid counterfeiting. On the contrary, here it would be interesting to understand which is the molecule that allows us to achieve a 400% increase of testosterone!

We only know that Probolan is 100% natural and it is possible that Probolan is Terrulus Tribulus. Terrulus Tribulus is a small plant used in Chinese medicine because of its aphrodisiac properties. This plant, in fact, would have the ability to increase testosterone in the body. However, no scientific study recognising such benefits has yet been published.

 The million-dollar question is… why does science complicate life so much?

Probolan 50 would have no side effects!

Yes, you read that correctly. With 400% extra testosterone in the body, we do not know if you still look like a man or a furious bull, but the manufacturer assures us that Probolan 50 has no side effects. Really amazing as a mysterious product.

Feedback on Probolan 50:

On the manufacturer’s website, we found out wonderful feedback about the use of the product. The manufacturer has even thought to add to each testimony, photos before the cycle to reinforce our conviction about the benefits of the product. Very good, you’ll tell me! That’s right… The effects seem to work only for people having left a testimony on their site.

If we take a look at several bodybuilding forums, feedback is different:

Quit using Probolan 50, it’s just hot air. It’s wasted money.”

It is vitamins and nothing else. But do not expect to achieve extraordinary results.

“During the first days of use, I had the impression my muscles were growing. However, this happens very fast, and then nothing. There was no reaction. I am extremely disappointed and angry about having been the victim of a hoax. »

Probolan is clearly a natural dietary supplement, with its composition 100% natural and without negative effects (?) With so much confusion about this product and since the only scientific study conducted on Tribulus terrestris happened in Australia in 2008, proving the plant acts as a placebo, we affirm that Probolan 50 is nothing but pure marketing. The unsuspecting users will fall into the trap in the hope of achieving effects that are unattainable in such a short time.

If you want to have a mass gain, even with anabolic steroids, which are sufficiently strong products, the very first results will be visible only between 1 and 4 months. In addition, to maximise results, nutrition and learning remain the two fundamental factors.


You better forget about Probolan and prefer real products. Your health will thank you.

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