Dbal – Great Mass Builder Or Poor Imitator?

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3 December 2017
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29 July 2018

If you’ve been looking into anabolic steroids on the internet, then it’s almost certain that you’ll have come across dbal before.

Infact, you’d be hard pressed to avoid ANY of the products on offer by Crazy Bulk, such is their enormous presence online. Wherever you turn in the pursuit of anabolic agents, crazy bulks name seems to appear.

What’s the score though? All of the ads seem to tell you that Crazy Bulks products are “safer” and just as effective – surely if this is the case then the only logical step to take would be to purchase their products instead of steroid varieties?


All Is Not As It Seems

To be as ruthlessly blunt as possible (which is necessary in order for you to gain the relevant level of understanding needed to make the right decision) the reason why you’re seeing Crazy Bulks name everywhere isn’t because their products are “the best . ” It’s because they’ve spend thousands on marketing and used important keywords to “steal” your attention away from the anabolic steroids you’re actually looking for.

They’ve engineered their product pages (websites) in such a way that you’re not only going to see these pages before the pages that relate to the steroids you’re looking for, but you’re also going to be faced with endless propaganda stating that steroids are “bad” and Crazy Bulks products (like dball) are “good” and “better.”

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you’re being presented with an incredibly biased overlook of not only steroids, but Crazy Bulks products too.

With this in mind, what’s the reality?


Imitation Is The Highest Form Of Flattery

If something is good – someone is going to try to imitate it .

Steroids provide a variety of very real, very measurable and widely reported (irrefutable) positive effects for users. Of course, there are some potential negative effects too, but at large using steroids (including dbol) sensibly means you can control them.

On balance, the fact that dbal is created using ingredients that are naturally sourced (as opposed to being synthesized in a lab) means that you’re only ever going to be able to have a potential impact on your NATURAL ability.

This is really no different to using an item like creatine – you might be able to positively influence your natural “return” from training by squeezing out an extra 1 – 2%, but you’re still working with your innate restrictions.


Naturally Sourced Equals Natural Physique

The whole point of steroids like dianabol is that they allow you to surpass natural limitations . As such, dbal is simply never going to come close to comparing in a like for like scenario in any significant capacity.

If you’re looking for the real deal – you’re going to have to buy the real deal.

There are no shortcuts in the anabolic world, and if it’s insane mass and strength you need – you need the right tools to get there. There are no exceptions.

When we say natural as well, don’t let this conjure up wild imagery in your mind of some kind of toxic waste being dumped into a vial ready for you to consume in tablet form or inject – you’ve got to remember that steroids in general actually share a great deal in common with many of the supplements (like dbal) you’ll see in supplement store shelves.

It’s important to emphasize that these anabolic substances (steroids) have been sourced from human hormones and isolated in order to refine certain elements of human functionality .

Similarly, products like creatine can also be found naturally within the human body, as can amino acids like L carnitine. Ultimately, the line between natural and unnatural is actually quite thin.

The reasons why anabolic steroids are “banned” are really more to do with politics than they are to do with danger – but with that said, the risk of negative effects arising is of course going to be higher than a natural product due to the higher strength level presented by these item types.


You’ve got to weigh up the risks vs rewards by doing your homework effectively – ultimately though, you should never expect to achieve a top physical bodybuilding using natural supplementation like dbal.


In short, you’re simply not going to get there by taking this approach.


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