Before and After: Dianabol Treatment Review from Rishi – Oakland – California

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12 November 2014
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7 December 2014

“I gained 50 pounds over 3 Dianabol treatments

For Rishi (Oakland, CA) the gauntlet was thrown: gain no less than 50 pounds. He met his goal thanks to Dianabol, a well-known anabolic steroid. This young 24-year old wasted no time planning a diet worthy of a true bodybuilder to accompany his 3 Dianabol treatments. The result is astounding.


Dianabol treatment for beginners 

First, I wanted to change my body because other people kept telling me that I was skinny. This really bothered me and motivated me to begin my transformation. I’ve always tried to build my muscle mass, I think I got that from my dad, who works in sports medicine and is an avid weightlifter himself.

I’ve always wanted to look good, have a healthy lifestyle and compete. I decided to change my physique using the motivation, and that’s how I got to where I am today.

I was a beginner, so I researched the different types of Dianabol treatments online, and the blue Dianabol dosage I needed to reach my goals. I bought my first Dianabol treatment on the Internet.

Impressive treatment results

After receiving my products, the first treatment was a success and I gained 20 pounds. My mom was skeptical of my diet, but everything was under control because 2 treatments later I’ve gained another 30 pounds.

With a total of 50 pounds in 3 treatments, I achieved my objectives and finally feel good.

Rishi, an impressive before/after!


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