Before and after and feedback on the cycle of steroids with Dianabol: Thomas – Liege

Before and after and comments on the cycle of steroids with Dianabol: Karim 31 years – Barcelona
30 November 2018
Before and after and feedback of a cycle of steroids with Dianabol: Dave – Perpignan
30 November 2018

“Before: 52 kg

After: 75 kg»

“You’re too skinny, you’ll never have muscles” or again “Forget about your morphology, you cannot do anything about it” (…) and other things I’ve heard from coaches I had… And yet, since then and for 6 months, I began to finish my thin physique like a stick!

It always bothered me to read the testimonials and that graduated coaches do not recommend us to do bodybuilding. Although it is an excellent therapy to get rid of anorexia…

In this blog I’ve seen that a morphology never gets fixed, but we can modify it. My goal, when I reached Arnaud , was to have a real impulse. I was a bit afraid to use Dianabol, a product that, however, has been on the market for 60 years. With all the advices I already had, I quickly realised that when taking protections, risks were minimal.

In less than 6 months, I gained 20kg of muscles. Everything is said, except two things: you have to believe in yourself and the products are not only for stars.

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