Before and after and feedback of a cycle of steroids with Dianabol: Dave – Perpignan

Before and after and feedback on the cycle of steroids with Dianabol: Thomas – Liege
30 November 2018
Feedback about mega-steroids store
8 December 2018

“Before: 69 kg

After: 77 kg”

Hello, I’m writing a short story to thank you, Arnaud, for all your advices that have been of great help to me.

2 months ago, I was interested in test steroids on the advice of a friend, because I wanted to change my physique. So, I placed an order following the program Arnaud prepared for me.

To date, I took 7 kilos of muscle in a cycle and I wanted to thank you for all your advices… Keep up, my dear Arnaud, because you are sharing a lot of information with people like me, who are new to bodybuilding.

That’s all, thanks again and I’m attaching two photo montages of me before and after, so you can see how much you have helped me. If you want to publish a montage or any other one, I’ll send you, I don’t mind and I would be glad to know that you are interested in your students, but also in your fans.

Thanks again and keep up, Arnaud, total genius.  See you soon. Dave

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