Before and After: Dianabol Treatment Review from Matthew – Boston – Massachusetts

What is Dianabol?
8 November 2013
Before and After: Dianabol Treatment Review from Jake – New York City – New York
29 November 2013

“Matthew reached 200 pounds

of muscle in 3 months

My goal was to lose fat and gain mass over 3 months of intense training. With all of the effort I made,  it was impossible for me not to make progress; I knew that the kilograms would rack up very quickly, which is ideal for bulking.


In 2013, I decided to join a gym and I reached 187 pounds. It was my first time and I managed to transform my first kilos of fat into muscle very quickly. I lost fat and gained muscle mass through cardio and body weight training. Unfortunately after 6 months, my lack of knowledge about diet and weightlifting caught up with me and I stagnated at 190 pounds of “muscle” and fell back to 180 pounds of “fat”. My muscles melted away when I stopped working out. 

At a reunion in 2015, a lot of my old college friends were amazed by the amount of fat that I’d already lost. The next day I was motivated to order my first steroids online, choosing a Dianabol treatment. I chose Dianabol for several reasons, including my budget and because pink Dianabol’s possible side effects are very rare. Arnold Schwarzenegger had impressive results during his treatments and I love Arnold, so let’s go!

I began following a careful diet and workout routines worthy of Rocky. Thanks to my pink Dianabol treatment with health protections, I achieved my dream in 3 months and I currently weigh in at 200 pounds of muscle


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