Before and After: Dianabol Treatment Review from Jake – New York City – New York

Before and After: Dianabol Treatment Review from Matthew – Boston – Massachusetts
28 November 2013
Review of
12 November 2014

“Jake gained 15 pounds

in 8 weeks

Jake (New York City, NY) said goodbye to his lax diet and saw his whole body transform. Look at the changes he made and the clean, striated result.

I was 17 when I decided to take up bodybuilding. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was discouraged to see how skinny I was. So I decided to do something.


I lacked self-confidence because of my size, which drove me straight into depression and anxiety. I’d always admired the bodybuilder physique that guys all want to have and girls love. I had the power to change things. In the beginning I had no idea what I had to do in terms of diet and training. Being the smallest in the weight room was very intimidating. 

One day, I discovered Dianabol and I spent hours online learning how a yellow Dianabol treatment worked. I prepared a training program and nutrition plan to follow during my treatment to stimulate dry mass gains, which give each muscle a striated effect. 


I started to see changes early on: after 7 days of my training and a diet rich in protein and carbohydrates, I immediately saw impressive results. However I was 18 before I really established a routine that worked for my metabolism.


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